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Spread-Load Contractual Plan

[ad_1] DEFINITION of ‘Spread-Load Contractual Plan’ A spread-load contractual plan spreads a mutual fund’s sales charge, or load, over a...


Up-And-Out Option

[ad_1] What is an ‘Up-And-Out Option’ A up-and-out option is a type of knock-out barrier option that ceases to exist when the price of...


World Economic Outlook (WEO)

[ad_1] WHAT IS ‘World Economic Outlook – WEO’ The World Economic Outlook (WEO) is a report by the International Monetary Fund that...


Investment Farm

[ad_1] What is an ‘Investment Farm’ An investment farm is an agricultural business operation that is purchased and operated with the...


Staple Thesis

[ad_1] What is ‘Staple Thesis’ The staple thesis is a theory of economic growth which emphasizes the role of traditional commodities or...


Endowment Loan

[ad_1] What is ‘Endowment Loan’ An endowment loan, also known as an endowment mortgage, is a type of mortgage in which the borrower only...

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